Educational Technology & Presentation Design

Presentations and self guided electronic courses have been created for HP, HPE, Kraft, Korn-Ferry, and Boulder County Area Agency on Aging. Looping trade show presentations have been created for Legosys, and BioLynceus. Hope to feature them soon. In the mean time, feel free to contact us for further elaboration.

Courses include protects and services, hiring/staffing, diversity sensitivity training, and demerger education and practices for HP and HPE during and after the demerger with one another.

Contributions include design, animation, quiz functionality, and planning.

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Functional Samples

Client: Korn Ferry
Description: This is a series of short courses Korn Ferry wanted after they updated their branding. These are similar to each other, with two main styles. Half traditional Storyline screens, and half mostly a video with time counter.
Click CONTINUE after intro plays. Navigation not functional. CC and pause are functional. Contribution for this project was the courses, not connecting them together.

Client: Boulder County Area Agency on Aging
Description: This was a basic project using some quiz functionality, and the Storyline interface. It is available from their website, but the client opted for a lengthy system of account setup and survey question screens you have to go through before you can get to it. So this preview should be much more convenient.
Project Visibility

Client: Hewlett Packard / Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Description: This was a non-interactive course for internal use when HP split into two companies (HP & HPE) a couple years ago. Built in Flash.
Master Commercial Agreement Web-based Training (110MB download link)

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